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Day 1

January 12th, 2021

Market Analysis, Risks and Opportunities in the Tissue Industry

Welcome and logistics 

Ronalds Gonzalez, NCSU

Welcome to NC State University

Dean Myron Floyd, NCSU

Tissue Pack Innovation Lab & Tissue Analytica

Ronalds Gonzalez, NCSU and Lokendra Pal, NCSU

Managing a global supply chain in times of pandemic

Donato Giorgio, President Global Manufacturing Supply, Essity

Perspectives of the tissue business across different regions

Soile Kilpi, Head of AFRY Management Consulting North America

Product performance & sustainability: Evidence from the shelf

Ronalds Gonzalez, NCSU

Innovation and market development in developing markets

Lucas López, VP Marketing, Grupo Familia

State of consumer tissue market in North America: 
Current disruption and future growth challenges

Ellen Chen, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International

Digitalization in the tissue industry

Denise Vivas, VP E-commerce, Essity

Road map to the future, combining technology with changing
consumer buying trends

Marc Robinson, VP Business Development, Global Tissue

Q&A session

Speakers from the sessions will be answering questions from the audience

Workshop: Understanding fibers potential to develop flexible sourcing programs

Tiago de Assis, Kemira - Hasan Jameel, NCSU

Day 2

January 13th, 2021

Fiber development, Performance & Manufacturing


Lokendra Pal, NCSU

Strategies in the development of smart fibers

Orlando Rojas, UBC

Advances in winding technology and controls

Vince Reese, CEO, Cardinal Tissue

Impacts of high tensile BEKP in tissue production

Heloisa Romeiro Ramires, Product Development Manager, Suzano

Understanding the potential of OCC for the manufacture of tissue paper

Franklin Zambrano, NCSU

Tailoring fiber-based additives for efficient tissue production

Luis Carlos Felix, Researcher, RISE

Emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer – functional principle and success stories

Alexander Grüner, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager, Emtec

Pulp fractionation and fraction properties

Saurabh Kumar, Researcher, Centre Technique du Papier

Combining fractionation, stratification to improve the properties of tissue

Jérémie Viguié, Researcher, Centre Technique du Papier

Q&A session

Speakers from the sessions will be answering questions from the audience

Workshop: The evolution of tissue manufacturing technologies

Lee W. Reisinger, CEO, ReiTech Incorporated

Day 3

January 14th, 2021

Sustainability and Furnish Development for Tissue


Med Byrd, NCSU

Global dynamics affecting the tissue industry

Richard Phillips, NCSU

Will the US administration bring new carbon costs to the US tissue industry?

Matt Elhardt, VP Global Sales, Fisher International

An overview of sustainability initiatives for tissue converters

Claudio Munoz, Director of Marketing Americas, Körber

Nature-derived antimicrobial agents for functional tissue and hygiene products

Lokendra Pal, NCSU

Today’s cure for tomorrow’s tissue immunity

Stefano Spinelli, Director Product Management, PCMC

Papermaking Industry 4.0 - Autonomous control using artificial intelligence

Anthony Lewis, Global Product Manager, Solenis

DEKA 2400: Modified kaolin-based deinking reagent for recovered paper

Marty Daniel, Product and Market Development Manager, Thiele

Optimization and design of cellulose-based tissue papers using 3D fibrous materials simulation

Flávia Pinto Morais, University of Beira Interior

Q&A session

Speakers from the sessions will be answering questions from the audience

Workshop: The laws of physics governing tissue properties

Joel Pawlak, NCSU

Closing Remarks

Hasan Jameel, NCSU

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